Inspiration to Creation

Colormate is the minimal-yet-powerful color picker, editor and organizer you've been waiting for.

Quickly and precisely pick any pixel on your screen (including external monitors). The realtime picker allows you to even pick colors from videos as they play. You can also use your arrow keys to move the picker one pixel at a time.
Seamlessly convert any color between HEX, RGB, and HSL. Use the sliders to edit your color. Hover over a slider and use your scroll wheel to adjust a value with high resolution control.
Easily create palettes for your next design or to save inspiration. Add, move, remove, rename palettes and click any color to copy/edit it. Create as many palettes as you want, each with as many colors as you want.
With preferences you can set your theme between light and dark. Or you can set the theme to automatically match your system theme. You can also set the global shortcut to anything you want for instant access to the picker.
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